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85 year-old Anne Power (Manchester Green Party) being dragged across the road by 3 police officers

85 year-old Anne Power (Manchester Green Party) being dragged across the road by 3 police officers

Hi, all
No doubt many of you have already seen the photos of 85 year-old Anne Power (Manchester Green Party) being dragged across the road by 3 police officers during this week's Green Monday protests. For those of you who haven't, here it is:

Jenny Jones (Green Party member of House of Lords), who came up for the 25 September Green Monday, has received a parliamentary answer to the question she asked about the 'additional' costs to Lancashire County Council resulting from their policing/facilitating of Cuadrilla's fracking site: it amounts to a staggering £3.1 million! This £3.1m bill is MORE than this year's increase in council tax raised, and the answer confirms that Lancashire council tax payers will pick up the bill for the Welsh and Somerset police. Encouragingly (as regards Labour's anti-fracking stance), Labour's Shadow Spokesperson in the House of Lords, for Home Affairs, also asked a supplementary question about this. Jenny has called for "the police to scale back the operation and [instead] provide minimal policing of the operation, so that police officers can get back to protecting the public rather than harassing protestors." You can read more about this on Jenny's latest blog:

Before Anne's dramatic first-hand experience of current policing methods, about 30 protesters had heard speeches from:

Romayne Phoenix (New Lucas Plan Group, & former Chair/Co-Chair of the Coalition of Resistance and The People's Assembly), who spoke about the denial of democracy over fracking in particular, and on other more general issues

Alan Williams (Reclaim The Power) and

Martin Porter (Manchester Greenpeace).

REMINDERGreen Monday 16 October

So far, we have no confirmed speaker(s) for this week's Green Monday - but do turn up in numbers, as you never know what's likely to happen! One possibility is Adam Ramsay (Co-Editor of openDemocracy; he also works for Bright Green), who has promised to come in the VERY near future (train times awaiting confirmation:


Forthcoming 'Green Mondays' & other protest days at PNR:
As well as next Monday, and the on-going daily protests at PNR - which now include the regular & very successful 'White Wednesdays' and 'Trade Union/Red Fridays' - here is advance notice of:
1. Monday 23 October: 4 dance teachers, who are also members of Ludus Dance (Lancashire's leading dance development charity), will be making a visit to the site's gates to perform some of their entertaining dances:

2. Monday 30 October: Siân Berry (London Green Party Councillor) will be the main speaker:
Siân Berry (front right) protesting against air pollution in London, during her campaign in the recent London Mayoral election.
3. Wednesday 1 NovemberThis 'White Wednesday' protest is DEFINITELY one to attend! Emma Thompson and Natalie Bennett (AND possibly Bianca Jagger, Vivienne Westwood ) will be there!

So it's definitely another date for your diary!! 'Green' women (Green Party, Greenpeace, FoE, etc) are particularly urged to bring banners to this event. 

Practical details:
1. For this White Wednesday, the meeting time at Maple Farm is from 9.30am, with SILENCE at the gates at 11.00am EXACTLY!

2. Those who can't make it to Preston New Road that day are requested to gather at sites of importance/town centres in their nearest town, in order to still be part of this 'Women's Call for Calm'. PLEASE wear white - and hold a few minutes' silence at 11.00am, to coincide with that at PNR.


All the best 
Allan Todd
Membership Secretary
Allerdale & Copeland Green Party

Tuesday, 3 October 2017




1. Housmans Peace Diary is now available
2. Special late night openings with 20% discount
3. Anarchist Bookfair + FiLiA (previously Feminism in London)

4. HOUSMANS PEACE DIARY LAUNCH: ‘The Women's Peace Crusade 1917-1918’ with Alison Ronan
5. ‘We're Queer And We Should Be Here: The perils and pleasures of being a gay football fan’
with Darryl Telles
6. Veterans for Peace Present: ‘The Internationalists: How a Radical Plan to Outlaw War Remade the World’ with Oona A. Hathaway and Scott J. Shapiro

7. ‘The Last London’ with Iain Sinclair
8. ‘Out of his struggles - the poems of Kosuke Shirasu’ with Bruce Barnes, and reader Akiko Shindo

9. Peace News present: ‘1917: The Nonviolent Russian Revolution’ with Milan Rai
10. Peace education poetry event with the poet Anthony Owen 11. Left Book Club Present: ‘Student Revolt:  Voices of the Austerity Generation’ with Matt Myers 
12. ‘The History Thieves: Secrets, Lies and the Shaping of a Modern Nation’ with Ian Cobain in conversation with Wail Qasim 
13.  ‘Building Better Societies: Promoting social justice in a world falling apart’ with Rowland Atkinson, Lisa Mckenzie and Simon Winlow

READING AND DISCUSSION GROUPS14. Fuse Book Club – forthcoming titles
15. Feminist Sci-fi Book Club at Housmans
16. London Pacifism and Nonviolence Discussion Group


1.  Housmans Peace Diary 

Housmans Peace Diary is now available for purchase in the shop and by post. For those of you who have already pre-ordered the diary, we shall starting posting out your copies early next week. As ever it's in a pocket format, with a week to a view, and gives notable dates and anniversaries as well as a weekly quotation. It includes calendars, a forward planner for 2019 and space for notes. This year's cover designer is Kate Evans.

The retail price of the Housmans Peace Diary is unchanged for the 2018 edition at £8.95. You can pay by debit or credit card using the Paypal buttons here, or you can send a cheque for the amount shown on our website (in UK Pounds only) to Housmans.  Also look out for the launch event on 4th October in the listings below!

2. Special late night openings with 20% discount
We’re pleased to announce that in the run up to Christmas, we’ll have four special late night openings:

Tuesday 31 October, 6.30 to 8.30pmWitchy Night with 20% discount on all purchases between 6.30 and 8.30pm. You can find more information here.
-Thursday 23 November, 6.30 to 8.30pm: Special student evening with 20% discount, a beer and a tote bag for all students.
-Thursday 14 December, 6.30 to 8.30pm: late night Xmas shopping.
-Thursday 21 December, 6.30 to 8.30pm: late night Xmas shopping.

3. Anarchist Bookfair + FiLiA (previously Feminism in London)
Two big events for your diary – catch Housmans at both! For full details check the links:


‘The Women's Peace Crusade 1917-1918’ with Alison Ronan 
Wednesday 4th October, 7pm – Free Entry

To celebrate the launch of this year’s Housmans Peace Diary we welcome  Dr Ronan to tell the lesser-known tale of the antimilitarist, socialist and internationalist Women’s Peace Crusade, which spread like wildfire across the country during the last years of the First World War.
click here for more info

5. ‘We're Queer And We Should Be Here: The perils and pleasures of being a gay football fan’
with Darryl Telles 
Friday 6th October, 7pm – Free Entry
Darryl Telles discusses his personal experiences of homophobia and racism as a football fan,  and his wider campaign work to change the culture around and within football.  Darryl will be joined by football journalist Anthony Clavane.
click here for more info

6. Veterans For Peace Present: ‘The Internationalists: How a Radical Plan to Outlaw War Remade the World’ with Oona A. Hathaway and Scott J. Shapiro
Monday 9th October, 7pm – Free Entry

Veterans for Peace UK host the launch of The Internationalists which tells the provocative history of the men who fought to outlaw war and how an often overlooked treaty signed in 1928 was among the most transformative events in modern history.
click here for more info

7. ‘The Last London’ with Iain SinclairWednesday 11th October, 7pm

Housmans are proud to welcome seasoned London chronicler Iain Sinclair on the publication of his latest book The Last London, an angry, poignant and frequently hilarious elegy to a London that Sinclair feels has lost its soul.
**Please note this is a ticketed event. To attend this event, you must book tickets in advance here.
click here for more info

8. ‘Out of his struggles - the poems of Kosuke Shirasu’ with Bruce Barnes, and reader Akiko Shindo
Friday 13th October,7pm
Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase

Kosuke was born in Tokyo, and worked as a journalist and pamphleteer. His involvement in the Japanese Communist was reflected in his work in Akita City producing and circulating a newsletter for local workers as well as documenting the farmers’ riots against local landowners. His poems are influenced by European styles of free verse and often explore multiple perspectives; however his main concern appears to be a desire to record the day to day experience of workers in struggle.   click here for more info

9. Peace News present: ‘1917: The Nonviolent Russian Revolution’ with Milan Rai
Wednesday 25th October, 7pm
Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase

Milan Rai highlights the crucial role of mass nonviolent action in the Russian Revolution, and focuses attention on the grassroots workers' revolution that was crushed by Lenin.
click here for more info

10. Peace education poetry event with the poet Anthony Owen Thursday 2nd November, 7pm
Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase

A participatory evening of poetry with Anthony Owen, inspired by his experiences of growing up during the Cold War, and travelling to Hiroshima in 2015 to hear testimonies of atomic-bomb survivors.
click here for more info

11. Left Book Club Present: ‘Student Revolt:  Voices of the Austerity Generation’ 
with Matt Myers 
Wednesday 8th November, 7pm
Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase

Left Book Club launch their most recent title Student Revolt: Voices of the Austerity Generation which focuses on the 2010 student protests. Author Matt Myers will be discussing his experience as a participant and reflecting on the lessons that can be learned from the movement.
click here for more info

12. ‘The History Thieves: Secrets, Lies and the Shaping of a Modern Nation’
with Ian Cobain in conversation with Wail Qasim 

Wednesday 15th November, 7pm
Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase
From the birth of the first Official Secrets Act in 1889 to present times, investigative journalist Ian Cobain takes a look at the history of the British Government’s clandestine bureaucracy and its political impact on the nation.
click here for more info

13.  ‘Building Better Societies: Promoting social justice in a world falling apart’
with Rowland Atkinson, Lisa Mckenzie and Simon Winlow

Wednesday 22nd November, 7pm
Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase

What would it take to make society better? For the majority, conditions are getting worse and this will continue unless strong action is taken. This book offers a wide range of expert contributors outlining what might help to make better societies and which mechanisms, interventions and evidence are needed when we think about a better society.
click here for more info


14. The Fuse Book Club – forthcoming titles

Housmans has a monthly book club which usually meets on the second Thursday of the month, starting at 7pm in the shop. Forthcoming titles under discussion are:

Thursday 12th October
‘The Underground Railroad’ by Colson Whitehead
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, this novel tells the story of a young enslaved woman as she makes a desperate bid for freedom in the antebellum South.

Thursday 9th November Four Futures: Life After Capitalism’ by Peter Frase
Frase imagines how a post-capitalist world might look, deploying the tools of both social science and speculative fiction to explore what communism, rentism, socialism and exterminism might actually entail.
If you would like to find out more about the reading group, please email catherine@housmans.comThe Fuse has its own web page with more info here:

15. Housmans Feminist Sci-fi Book Club
Genderless societies, anarchist planets, polyamorous aliens, parthenogenesis, feminist militias, reproductive dystopias, cyborg families, and more at the new Housmans Feminist Sci-Fi Book Club! Join us at the bookshop on the first Thursday of every month, 7pm-9pm, starting Thursday June 1st. All genders welcome. Please bring drinks or snacks to share.
Thursday 5th October: ‘The Power’ by Naomi Alderman
Thursday 2nd
 November: ‘The Bees’ by Laline Paull

Book Club books available at 20% discount from Housmans. Any questions please email Hannah on 

16. London Pacifism and Nonviolence Discussion Group

Housmans has a regular Pacifism and Nonviolence Discussion Group, who meet on the second Tuesday of the month. All are welcome, but please be prepared to join in the discussion. Please try to turn up by 7pm sharp. 

We sometimes take a break over the summer - this year we’ll be taking a break from the regular meetings for two months – August and September. When we’re back in the autumn, our plans for OCTOBER and NOVEMBER are to discuss NONVIOLENCE AND SPORT, and to revisit NONVIOLENT ACTIVISM – CONSCIENCE, CONVENIENCE AND COMPROMISE. See you then!

For more information please visit:

If you want to be removed from this email list please send an email to shop(at) with ‘unsubscribe newsletter’ in the subject field.

Housmans Bookshop,
5 Caledonian Road,
London N1 9DX
Tel: +44 (0)20 7837 4473
shop email:  
"Support the shop that supports your campaigns!"

Monday, 25 September 2017

Some History Seminars

Some History Seminars (acknowledgements to Steve Cushion)

The Neglected History of the Diverse Victims of Nazism
Merilyn Moos

30 Oct 2017, 17:30 to 19:30
Seminar Room N304, Third Floor, Institute of Historical Research , Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU
more details...

Other London Socialist Historians Group seminars:
The Leveller Revolution
John Rees
13th November'Every Cook Can Govern': C.L.R James and the Russian Revolution’
Christian Hogsbjerg
27th NovemberFrom Revolution to Labourism?: Orwell and the Left'
John Newsinger
11th DecemberA History of London’s Housing Crisis
Dave Hill

The next meeting of the Socialist History Society will take place on 21st October at 2pm
 at the Marx Memorial Library.
1917 - The Russian Revolution, Reactions and Impact
It will be the launch of a new SHS occasional publication on the Russian Revolution.

Arguing around Toussaint': The Black Jacobin in an Age of Revolutions

October 4th, 2017 17:30
UCL Institute of the Americas, 51 Gordon Square Attendance to this event is free of charge, but registration is required.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

C04 Climate change Motion 10 and amendments passed unan 12/9/2017

C04 Climate change Motion 10 and amendments passed unan 12/9/2017

 Congress notes the irrefutable evidence that dangerous climate change is driving unprecedented changes to our environment such as the devastating flooding witnessed in the UK in 2004. Congress further notes the risk to meeting the challenge of climate change with the announcement of Donald Trump to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Similarly, Brexit negotiations and incoherent UK government policy risk undermining measures to achieve the UK carbon reduction targets.

 Congress welcomes the report by the Transnational Institute Reclaiming Public Service: how cities and citizens are turning back privatization, which details the global trend to remunicipalise public services, including energy, and supports efforts by unions internationally to raise issues such as public ownership and democratic control as part of solutions to climate change.

 Congress notes that transport is responsible for a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and believes that a reduction in carbon dioxide levels must be the basis of the UK’s future transport policy in addition to building public transport capacity and moving more freight from road to rail.

Congress believes that to effectively combat climate change and move towards a low carbon economy we cannot leave this to the markets and therefore need a strong role for the public sector in driving the measures needed to undertake this transition.

 Congress notes that pension schemes invest billions of pounds into fossil fuel corporations. To this end, Congress calls on the TUC to:
i.                     work with the Labour Party and others that advocate for an end to the UK’s rigged energy system to bring it back into public ownership and democratic control
ii.                   . advocate for a mass programme of retrofit and insulation of Britain’s homes and public buildings
iii.                  . lobby to demand rights for workplace environmental reps iv. lobby for the establishment of a Just Transition strategy for those workers affected by the industrial changes necessary to develop a more environmentally sustainable future for all, and develop practical steps needed to achieve this as integral to industrial strategy v. consult with all affiliates to seek input into the development of a cross sector industrial strategy that works towards delivering internationally agreed carbon emission reduction targets
iv.                 . investigate the long-term risks for pension funds investing in fossil fuels, promote divestment, and alternative reinvestment in the sustainable economy.

Mover: Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union
Seconder: Communication Workers Union
Supporters: Fire Brigades Union; ASLEF; TSSA

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Grunwick 40 : The mural is finally ready!

The mural is finally ready!

Grunwick 40 is delighted to announce that the mural commemorating the Grunwick strike will be unveiled on Saturday 30th September at noon.

The mural has been two years in the planning and is a few months late owing to circumstances beyond our control but it is finally happening!

Designed by artist Anna Ferrie and more than 60 participants at community workshops, the artwork has been a collaborative effort reflecting both memories of the strike for those who were present and the hope it represents for younger generations. Join us on Saturday 30th September from noononwards at the former factory site by Dollis Hill station (MAP HERE) as we reveal a colourful memorial to mark this seminal moment in British history!

Tell us you're coming on the Facebook event and don't forget to share and retweet.

This will be the final event in the Grunwick 40 commemoration project, and we'd like to thank all the supporters and donors who helped make the project possible. For those of you who donated money – as the design is finalised we are now able to produce the crowdfunder rewards and these will be sent out during October as soon as possible after the unveiling. Thank you for bearing with us so patiently.

In solidarity

The Grunwick 40 team

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A New Lucas Plan: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

A New Lucas Plan: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Function room, Yates Brighton pub, 59 West St, Brighton BN1 2RA (200m from The Brighton
Centre) 6pm September 11 2017 

In the 1970s, workers at Lucas Aerospace showed how livelihoods under threat could be saved by converting production from arms to socially useful products, such as wind turbines, hybrid car engines and medical equipment. 40 years later, militarism, environmental and economic crises make the Lucas workers’ inspiring ideas, and their approach of bottom-up planning even more necessary. Come and discuss the idea of a new Lucas Plan with one of the original Lucas Aerospace shop
stewards and other leading trade unionists at our TUC fringe meeting.

• Phil Asquith, former Lucas Aerospace shop steward
• Sam Mason, PCS/Lucas Plan group
• Manuel Cortes, TSSA

Chaired by Romayne Phoenix of the New Lucas Plan group

Free. To get to Yates Brighton pub, leave the Brighton Centre, turn left and left again on West Street, pub is 150 yards on the right side.

For more information, visit, or email

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


It’s on! Get behind the 4 September #McStrike
Posted on 21/08/2017
McDonald’s workers balloted at Crayford (south east London) and Cambridge stores have voted by an incredible 95.7 percent for strikes, and their BFAWU bakers’ union has now named Monday 4 September as the first strike day.
A strike committee of workers met and decided to go for the date for their historic action–the first ever strike at McDonald’s in the UK.
The workers taking this bold step need the URGENT solidarity of the wider trade union movement. Please give generously now to their strike fund HERE
Please also rush messages of support, encouragement and solidarity for the workers to
Already, just by voting to strike and organising in the union, the workers have gained an impressive shift from McDonald’s–who have stated only now after the strike vote that by the end of 2017 they will implement the twice promised offer of a guaranteed hours contract to every UK McDonald’s worker. The workers and BFAWU rightly want this signed off, but it is a major victory for the some 80,000 workers at McDonald’s and shows what getting organised, joining a union and taking action can do.
The strike remains on, over a number of grievances at the two workplaces, and the workers are also fighting for £10 an hour minimum wage now, union recognition, and for the demand on scrapping zero hours contracts to be implemented.
What’s happening and how you can support?
Pass this #McStrike MODEL MOTION to back the strike
Give urgently and generously to the #McStrike Fund
On the Saturday before the strike, 2 September, BFAWU is holding a protest at McDonald’s HQ in East Finchley, north London. We are calling on solidarity from the wider movement on this day, with banners, collections etc, brought along in support. Join and share the Facebook page for the protest HERE.
On the day of the strike, Monday 4 September, workers at the Cambridge site will picket from 6 – 7am, while workers at the Crayford site will picket from 6 – 7.30am.
The strikers and their supporters will then come together outside parliament at 10.30/11am for a rally, speakers include Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. Stay posted for details of what will be happening after the rally. We are asking for maximum support possible with banners and supporters gathering at the rally, and for local activists and anyone who can to show their support at picket lines where possible too.
Outside London, we are calling for solidarity protests/ leafletings at McDonald’s stores in localities (see list of those organised so far below and send us details of any your planning). Guidance for solidarity actions on the day:
HERE is a leaflet for workers in the store. Placards to use on the day are: #McStrike placard1 and #McStrike placard2
Mostly we’d like a visible presence with the materials OUTSIDE the store, with at some point a couple of activists going in to leaflet the workers on shift, and if they sign the petition, for any contact details to be sent to the campaign centrally so we can follow up. It’s important to make sure the workers know any presence is fully supportive of the workers.
Contacting local MPs, councillors, community campaigns and union branches etc is always good, and sometimes getting any supporters from there to say a few words on a megaphone outside is useful to show the broad base of support for the workers.
It’s always good to take pictures and short videos so they can be shared and give the workers taking action more confidence. We are @FastFoodRights on twitter, and will be using #McStrike and #FastFoodGlobal , so it’s good to have someone or a few people allocated to make sure pictures and videos are tweeted there so the impact of the solidarity action is greater. Please send the details of any local action once they are ready to and we will publicise on the website.
#McStrike #McSolidarity protests on 4 September:
McDonald’s @ King’s Cross / Pentonville Road
At lunchtime, 12PM-2PM, there will be a McStrike solidarity demonstration with friends and comrades from different unions and community campaigns across Central London. It will be outside the McDonald’s in King’s Cross (302-304 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross N1 9XD). Come along to show some solidarity, to inform workers, customers and passers-bys about the strike. Together we can make this strike powerful in our communities too, and let McDonald’s workers know there is a strong movement with them! Join the Facebook page for the event HERE
5pm, McDonald’s Manchester
Picadilly Gardens Mcdonalds, M1 1LY Manchester
Join the Facebook page HERE
5 PM – 6 PM, McDonalds Unit 4 Cherry Street
Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5AL
Join the Facebook page HERE
Gleadless Valley branch of Heeley (Sheffield) CLP and Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise campaign are organising solidarity action for 4 September at McDonald’s branch in Heeley constituency, probably 2 stints one lunchtime and one tea time. More details to follow.
5 PM – 7 PM, Mcdonalds, Queen street
12-14 Queen St, W2 4 Cardiff
Join the Facebook page HERE
Milton Keynes Monday 4 September
from 12pm McDonalds, the Centre MK, 52-56 Midsummer Blvd.
Organised with Unite Community and MK Momentum