Friday, 10 February 2017

Pros and Cons about the new Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) trains

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Dear Alan,

The year has got off to a really positive start. We’ve already seen the Supreme Court ruling finding in favour of Doug Paulley - the culmination of a tireless campaign from Doug and disability rights campaigners across the country.

But there is still so much more to do. We’re going to be spending the first part of the year campaigning to improve access on our railways - fighting the government’s scandalous decision to delay 50% of Access For All projects, calling for reliable audio visual announcements on every platform and demanding network-wide availability of ‘Turn up and Go’ services.

Let's change this, so that disabled and older people can live their lives without worrying about how to get around.

You can help make real progress by becoming a Transport for All member today. 
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There have been two pieces of great news this week:
  • TfA members celebrated another campaign win with the government announcement that Taxi and PHV drivers will now face a £1000 fine for refusing to take wheelchair users (Read our article).
  • Tottenham Court Road becomes the 71st Tube station with step-free access today. We will be going soon to try it out. 
Pros and Cons about the new Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) trains
Print screen of the Video. It shows 2 TfA member in the new Crossrail train
In January, our members Gwynneth Pedler and Mohammed Mohsanali were given the opportunity to tour the new Crossrail trains - which will be fully accessible thanks to the fantastic campaign by our members across London.
They were quite impressed by its design. However we were disappointed by the fact that there will be no toilet provision on board; and by the fact that the grab poles are black and silver, making it very difficult for people with visual impairments to see them. This is a major backwards step.
Our article and video
Are you a Disabled cyclist? 
Our partner Wheels for Wellbeing wants to hear about your experience (deadline: end of March)Click here to answer the 5 minute survey.
Here are some of the highlights of January:
Don't forget that we can help you plan your accessible journey or take up your complaint with transport providers. Please do get in touch if you encounter any problems: every time we report a problem, it helps build the case for a more inclusive and reliable transport system.
Please do get in touch.
Tel: 020 7737 2339
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Wednesday, 8 February 2017


It's obvious Donald Trump, is a racist, sexist and bully. He's also very far from being the President 'for the people', he's already cutting corporation tax, attacking the unions and trashing the meagre social care provision that exists in the United States. That's why the People's Assembly is playing a key role in building the movement to challenge Trump and his policies. As Theresa May gets closer to and closer to the Trump administration he poses a very real threat to the people of Britain too, May is already opening the door to US firms to buy up parts of the NHS in new trade deals with Trump. This has to be stopped. 

It's vital we bring the broadest coalition of organisations together, say not to Trump, no to racism, no to sexism no to austerity
Trump and everything he represents, is not welcome in the UK. 

All progressive organisations are welcome, if you or your organisation is interested in getting involved with the mobilisations against Trump, please get in touch us by emailing us at


Join us on Saturday 18 February at 10am - 5pm, Friends House Euston organised by the People's Assembly, Unite the Union, CWU, NUT, Muslim Association of Britain, Stop the War Coalition, Stand up to Racism, and others.

Registration, speakers and agenda will be available soon. 

Check out Facebook Event and share widelyNearly Two Million people signed the petition calling to 'Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit'It's clear that the majority of people in this country do not want him here. Even John Bercow spoke against the Trump Visit. Despite this, Theresa May has dismissed the wishes of the people and said the visit will go ahead. 

The petition will be debated in Parliament on Monday 20 February. A day of action across the country will take place to coincide with the debate in parliament. 

In London protests will take place in Parliament Square as the reading happens and continue into the evening. In other towns and cities protests will take place and the National Union of Students have called on students to a walk out of lessons. More details of the day of action will be available soon. 

The other key issue is the NHS, already facing a humanitarian crisis, with new Trade deals with the states on the cards, the NHS could be facing it's final moments if we're not ready to stand and fight for it. 

Join us Saturday 4 March, 12pm Tavistock Square for the #OurNHS National Demonstration.  

Click here for the Facebook Event and share widely

See you  on the streets. 

The People's Assembly Against Austerity

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Tube strike action suspended as on-going RMT fight leads to reinstatement of nearly 60% of axed jobs

Tube strike action suspended as on-going RMT fight leads to reinstatement of nearly 60% of axed jobs

TUBE UNION RMT today suspended tube stations strike action scheduled to start on Sunday following talks which mean that nearly 60% of the original job cuts planned by LU have now been reversed after three years of solid campaigning.

LU, under Mayor Boris Johnson, slashed station staff numbers by 953. RMT's campaign, involving sustained industrial action, means that 533 of those jobs will have been reinstated.
RMT particularly welcomes the agreement to reopen control rooms and the guarantee of promotion into safety critical grades for Customer Service Assistants grade 2 positions.

General Secretary Mick Cash said;
“The fighting stance taken by RMT members since the jobs cull on our tube stations was first announced has reversed nearly 60% of those savage cuts.
"That is a tremendous victory and a reflection of the resilience and determination of our reps and the membership right across London Underground.
"We will now continue to work on implementation of the new staffing arrangements  at the local level and as always RMT remains eternally vigilant.”
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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Conference - ‘Climate Refugees’- The Climate Crisis and Population Displacement: Building a Trade Union and Civil Society Response

 National Conference - ‘Climate Refugees’- The Climate Crisis and Population Displacement: Building a Trade Union and Civil Society Response 

Organised by the Campaign against Climate Change and Friends of the Earth, supported by FBU, UCU, TSSA, CWU, PCS, NUT, Unite, Unison, International Trade Union Confederation, Stand Up to Racism, JCWI, Global Climate Jobs and BARAC UK

 Saturday 11th February 2017, 10.30-16.45 (Registration from 09.30)

 Climate change is devastating peoples’ lives and livelihoods and whole economies, and is a growing concern to trade unions for whom effective responses are now a fundamental issue of justice - economic, employment and income security. Yet people displaced from their homes have no legal status in international law, and are vilified as 'economic migrants'. The overwhelming majority are given safe haven by other poor countries, whilst in the West, racism and xenophobia are leading to demands for more walls and fences.

 ‘Climate Refugees’ - The Climate Crisis and Population Displacement: Building a Trade Union and Civil Society Response is supported by trade unions and environmental, refugee and human rights campaigns. It will include expert briefings, and new evidence of the impact of climate change on human security. We aim to dispel myths about refugees, debate the need for the need for a global response based on justice and solidarity including the need for legal protection for those being displaced by the climate crisis, and discuss how we can build a powerful movement that can demand stronger government leadership on this fundamental issue. 

 Venue: NUT Conference Centre, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, Euston, London 

 Event page:

 Registration: Attachments area

Friday, 20 January 2017


7pm, Thursday 19 January, St Pancras Church, Euston Road, NW1 2BA.
Amelia Womack - Deputy Leader, Green Party
Kevin Courtney - General Secretary, National Union of Teachers
Lindsey German - People's Assembly
Malia Bouattia - NUS President
Steve Turner - Assistant General Secretary, UNITE
Alex Gordon - Former President RMT. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

a stand against all Trump stands for - racism, misogyny, corporate cronyism and fossil-fuelled climate change denial

As the world enters a new era with the inauguration of President Trump, join others in your area to make a stand against all Trump stands for - racism, misogyny, corporate cronyism and fossil-fuelled climate change denial that puts our whole planet at risk.
There will be rallies and banner drops from bridges ('Bridges Not Walls') in at least 23 cities across the UK, with others in smaller towns. Events we know about so far are listed on our website. It's not too late to organise one yourself, either. As climate activists it's vital that we are there with a clear message, standing in solidarity with anti-racism and women's rights campaigners. Let's help build and promote these protests so they are heard within our own country as well!
In London we'll be joining the rally outside the US embassy with a climate bloc. (Facebook event)
Stay in touch and let us know what's going on.
All the best
Claire and everyone at CCC

To fight for climate action we rely on support from our members - please sign up here to give a small monthly amount or one-off donation.
Find out more at
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
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Monday, 9 January 2017

The NHS crisis has reached a new level.

The NHS crisis has reached a new level. In the last few days the Red Cross declared a 'humanitarian crisis' in the NHS and were forced to intervene. This Government has knowingly and wilfully created the crisis in the NHS. Hospitals are underfunded, social care has collapsed, which puts more pressure on hospitals, staff are overworked and conditions are deteriorating. 

The Governments drive to privatise the NHS will only make this situation worse. We must take action to defend our NHS or we risk losing it forever. 

Over the next few weeks there are some key events/actions building up to a massive#OurNHS National Demonstration on Saturday 4 March. 
Please do all you can to make sure they are as big as possible.

Over the next few days we're calling on all local groups and campaigns to do an emergency action at a local hospital. 
In London this Thursday, we're organising an emergency rally at the Department of Health from 6pm. 

Hunt Must Go - Rescue Our NHS
Emergency Protest - 6pm, Department of Health, Whitehall London
Invite your friends on Facebook

Organised by Junior Doctors Alliance, The People's Assembly, Health Campaigns Together

Saturday 14 January, Nationwide Day of Action

We're asking local groups and campaigns to set up an emergency rally or protest at local hospitals across the country. A series of leafleting actions for the National Demonstration have been organised already, you can find details on the Facebook event here. If you want to add to the list of flyering sessions and actions please email so we can add to the list and promote.

Saturday 28 January
London Rally & Protest - Hands off our NHS 12:30 Old Palace Yard. Invite your friends on Facebook here.


*For a fully funded, publicly owned, NHS & social care service 
*No cuts, no closures, no privatisation 
*End the pay restraint for NHS staff 


Assemble: 12pm, Tavistock Square, London March to Parliament 

Transport is being arranged from across the country, full details coming soon. Called by Health Campaigns Together & The People's Assembly 

Download leaflet artwork here 
Invite your friends on Facebook here

You can arrange to pick up leaflets from our office or we can send some you if you can cover the cost of postage. 

Please email for flyer requests or anything else.

The People's Assembly Against Austerity