Thursday, 22 February 2018

Who cares about care?

Who cares about care?
Date Mon 9 Apr 2018 - 10:00 to 15:30
Location Congress house, 23-28 Great Russell Street, WC1B 3LS London
Cost Free
London, East & South East (LESE) Pensioners’ Network Annual Seminar
Every week we hear about failures in the care services: neglect and ill treatment in residential homes, limited care times and poor service in users' own homes. This is aggravated by the bad working conditions and low pay of carers.
In 2016 LESE asked what can be done to support and improve conditions both for service users and service providers. This Seminar is a follow on and will outline the problems of the system, point to new ways forward and give participants the opportunity to express their own views.
For more information, call 020 7467 1220

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tomorrow over 40,000 lecturers, researchers, administrators and librarians in UCU are set to begin a wave of strikes

Tomorrow over 40,000 lecturers, researchers, administrators and librarians in UCU are set to begin a wave of strikes in opposition to devastating cuts to their USS pension scheme. 14 days of strike action have been called at 64 universities across the UK (the "pre-1992" older institutions as opposed to the former polytechnics who are on a different pension scheme) to prevent university employers from scrapping the existing 'defined benefit' schemes in favour of 'defined contribution' schemes where individual pension payouts are tied to the fluctuations of the market. This is likely to lead to cuts of some £10,000 per year for new entrants and some £208,000 across retirement as a whole.


There is real anger over this issue such that members nationally voted 88% in favour of strikes on a 58% turnout. Many UCU members are clear that this is a dispute driven by the desire of some of the largest and most powerful institutions to 'de-risk' and 'de-mutualise' pension funds in order to strengthen the grip of market forces inside the higher education sector.
Students, up and down the country, have reacted magnificently - supporting the demands of the strikers, turning market forces against institutions by claiming compensation for disruption and connecting the dispute to the neoliberal direction of travel inside the higher education sector that was initiated when fees were trebled in 2012.
This isn't a dispute about a pampered bunch of college professors but a strike that challenges the notion that market forces should play a determining role in university life. The employers claim, using dodgy figures, that the pension fund is in deficit and that they can't afford to increase their contributions to maintain benefits. This comes from a sector whose surplus in 2016 was over £1.5 billion!
UCU members need - and will welcome - the support of fellow trade unionists, anti-austerity activists, students and the local community. We all deserve a decent pension when we retire and we should all have the right to a well funded higher education system with qualified and motivated staff.
Picket lines will be running for 14 days in the next four weeks: on 22-23 February, 26-28 February, 5-8 March and 12-16 March. There are likely to be 'teach-outs', rallies, marches and stunts in most cities and campuses. You can show your support by joining these activities, sending messages of solidarity to UCU branches and emailing individual vice-chancellors demanding that they call on the employers nationally to return to negotiations.
There's lots of information at as well as a list of institutions who are taking part.  Defend pensions and defend education!
Live from the picket line:
We will be going live from our Facebook page: tomorrow morning Thursday 22nd Feb at 8:30am. We will be at the University of Manchester, Live from the picket line talking to students, lecturers and university staff about the UCU strike. And on Friday we'll be at Goldsmiths Uni in London covering their Teach Out events all day - with speakers including Gary Younge, Faiza Shaheen, Owen Jones, Paul Mason, Natalie Fenton and more...

The People's Assembly Against Austerity
The People's Assembly Against Austerity · United Kingdom
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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

HDV going to Court of Appeal.

HDV going to Court of Appeal.

 Grateful for any promotion of second round of crowdfunding, for HDV going to Court of Appeal.

We are challenging on all four grounds and the judge has left that open as in one case he says that the outcome may well have been different if Haringey had consulted on HDV which it was admitted they did not.
The judgement rests in good part on our being ‘’out of time’’ but there is a very strong case that we could not challenge the decision until it was in fact set up in July 2017.
And it will matter for Councils, and local democracy across the country, if we can get a ruling against the way in which Cabinet was used to determine assets transfer and strategic decisions, exclusive of the Council, and wider public.

The political battle has now been won locally, and is reverberating more widely. But the HDV is only halted, not stopped altogether.

The renewed crowdfunder — for the £7k more for Appeal - needs some punters again.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Notes Green Seniors’ meeting: Thursday 8/2/2018

Notes Green Seniors’ meeting: Thursday 8/2/2018
1.   Apologies  A. Wheatley, M.Bailey

2.  Minutes Green Seniors’ meeting: Wednesday 6/12/2017 
Matters Arising:
a      Nominations still open for post of G.S Treasurer.
b      Leaflet for new members design and text needed (Maureen)
c      P. Murry had agreed to defer NHS AND SOCIAL CARE motion to discuss with GP heath working group
d       UCU Retired Members’ motion to strengthen TUC motion on Climate Change noted

7.   GPEW Conference: 3&4 March, Bournemouth International Centre  Stall booked
Fringe not able to get fringe on digital exclusion due to gp email problems
Meeting, 9am Sunday 4 March, Maureen liaising with Bournemouth uni

8.   AoB

·       GS website temporarily down, blog still up at

·       Maureen doing research via Toynbee Hall
·       Blank display stand/banner available

9      Next meeting Friday 6th April 6pm meeting at the Green Room 7 Grand Arcade Tally Ho Corner North Finchley 

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Will you join me this Saturday to defend our NHS? & NHS Protests outside London on February 3rd.

My dad was a doctor in the NHS all his working life. My son is disabled and relies on the NHS for his wellbeing. I know how precious our health service is.
I’ll be addressing tens of thousands of people this Saturday, all coming together defend our NHS against this Government’s savage attacks and cuts.
Make no mistake. It’s not the disabled who are responsible for our NHS crisis. It’s not the elderly. It’s not immigrants. It’s not the tireless doctors and nurses and staff. 
Our Government has caused this crisis. 
This is just one reason we need to fight for a vote on the final Brexit deal. We have to protect freedom of movement to keep our NHS on its feet. And we can’t fight austerity while we’re punished by a hard Brexit, overseen by a Government which wants to marketise our healthcare.
This Saturday, I’ll be calling on all parties to support a vote on the final Brexit deal - so we can revive, reinstate, and restore our NHS. 
See you on the streets,
Jonathan Bartley

Co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales.

Co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales.

 NHS Protests outside London on February 3rd.


Leamington Spa
Redditch/ Bromsgrove
Rotherham 11am Rotherham General Hospital, Moorgate Road
Wyre Forest